At more than 300 episodes and 5+MM downloads, Jake Sasseville’s long-running talk show at the intersection of culture and consciousness. From presidents of fortune 500 companies to owners of NBA teams, Jake weaves a world of conversation that brings us from our minds into our hearts. Widely considered as one of the most influential interviewers of his generation (and the youngest TV host in late night TV history on ABC), Jake’s style is inquisitive, humorous and heartfelt. He’s open about weight issues, watching his brother die when he was 17, failing in dozens of business ventures during his 20s, his recovery in 12 step programs — all while being the president and co-founder of Imiloa Institute, a center for the education and advancement of human beings in Costa Rica.


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Gabriel Charles Tyler, 24, is a native of the South Side of Chicago, he's an assistant editor of Scholastic in New York City and is just about to receive his masters degree in Journalism from Columbia University. 

The son of a military preacher and strong women in his life, Gabriel was clear early on about the life he wanted to live. I found this interview inspiring -- that even at his age, Gab's open, honest and has some clear views on race, religion, sexuality, spirituality, career and what it's like growing up on the South Side. 


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Acclaimed dancer, Joffrey Ballet graduate and NYU alum Jess Grippo has been dancing all her life. 

It was after her TED talk that she realized perhaps the most important piece of information that has impacted her creative process: knowing the Seasons of Creativity. 

Using winter, spring, summer and fall as metaphors, Jess explores seasons of creativity to decide when to be creating, sharing, displaying and reflecting on your work. It's a powerful set of tools for maximizing your output and reducing the amount of emotional burden creatives often feel.

She's been sharing this work with coaching clients and in seminars around the world. 

Thanks Jess Grippo.

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Jonathan Singletary is a Morehouse graduate, a Google and Shazam alum, an almost-doctor and now --- a full-time musician. 

If our 20s is for truly discovering what we're put on earth for, at least professionally, but also personally, Jonathan has a Ph.D. 

Starting out at Morehouse University, the only all male historically black institution of higher learning in the US, Jonathan went to Stanford, dropped out, starting becoming successful at Google and Shazam, opted out, and now is a full time musician. 

Beneath the titles and right turns, JS shares what's helped him make the unpopular yet fulfilling decisions, what he's learned along the way that can help you in making the leap to live a more daring and fulfilling life. 

Helluva guy. 


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Recovering addict Christopher Bailey hadn't seen his twin bro and social activistBobby Bailey in years. 

After a severe head injury and deadly addiction to meth, opiates and alcohol, Christopher Bailey was homeless in a park outside San Diego. 

Bobby Bailey, co-founder of Invisible Children and Global Citizens Project, found his twin brother in the park quite by accident. 

Once and for all, Bobby committed to hold space and see his twin through detox and recovery. They rode out detox for 8 days in a Motel 6, and what happens next is nothing short of miraculous. 

Their first full interview together since Chris Bailey finished his 7-month journey walking across the United States, promoting his new project -- Hold Space -- and together, how they plan to change the game for addicts and those affected by them.

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Meet Adam Barr: Creator + Emmy winning Producer of your favorite TV shows over the past 25 years. 

Adam gave me my "big break" almost 14 years ago when he was Executive Producer of NBC's "Will and Grace." 

His philosophy of Hollywood and writers and fame is at the top of the show, and is almost Buddhist like.

Adam is a writer, producer, creator and has worked headed "Desperate Housewives" "Will and Grace" "The New Normal" "Growing Up Fisher" "Suburgatory" "The Good Guys" "The New Adventures of Old Christine." 

You'll learn lots from this one. - Enjoy

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Brooklyn-based artist Kimia Kline is an incredibly successful painter. Her work is inspired by the execution of her grandfather in Iran for his religious beliefs. She and her family are on a secret list and if they return to Iran, they face capture and death themselves. 

So, Kimia makes art about what she imagines her homeland to be, since she'll never be able to return. 

Fresh off a fellowship in Detroit, Kimia's work is presented around the world. She's bucked the status quo ("that nipple is too pink" her art instructor once said. "I like it just like it is," Kimia responded) and earns a handsome living from her work. Her documentary about her grandfather was screen in several International Film Festivals. 

More than the art, the way Kimia lives her life, accepts challenges and opportunities with ease and grace is something we can learn from -- as artists, especially.

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O-M-G. Persuasion engineer & billionaire minded biz coach Bryan Franklin does our show as one of the first shows to talk about his new book with co-author Michael Ellsberg: The Last Safe Investment: Spending Now to Increase Your True Wealth Forever.

For Gen Y who see their parents and grandparents as "f*cked" (FACD - Financial Advice Commonly Delivered - in Bryan's book), this is a step by step plan how to carve out wealth, live a bigger and much more fulfilling life and build an incredible community in the process. 

"This book could only be written after the crash of 2008. Because people wouldn't have been open to this radical new way of building wealth before then." - Bryan Franklin

This is Bryan at his best -- radically personal, incredibly insightful and the simple terms he speaks about money, wealth, finance and personal development in will activate you. Big time. 

Also, he surprised me at the end of the interview offering this: Pre-purchase 10 copies of Bryan's new book on Amazon, send him the receipt, and you'll get him one-on-one for an hour to discuss your own personal investment strategy. ($2000+ value)

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Nikki Morgan is a Certified Sexologist and grew up in Brooklyn, NYC. She surprised me when we Skyped for the interview --- she was completely naked when the video came on.

That kicked off a radically vulnerable and honest interview with one of New York's leading experimental thinkers and practitioners in areas of sex, sexuality, intimacy and relationships. Post script: She's quite open about the fact that in all her work, orgasm is her specialty. Enjoy.


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