At more than 300 episodes and 5+MM downloads, Jake Sasseville’s long-running talk show at the intersection of culture and consciousness. From presidents of fortune 500 companies to owners of NBA teams, Jake weaves a world of conversation that brings us from our minds into our hearts. Widely considered as one of the most influential interviewers of his generation (and the youngest TV host in late night TV history on ABC), Jake’s style is inquisitive, humorous and heartfelt. He’s open about weight issues, watching his brother die when he was 17, failing in dozens of business ventures during his 20s, his recovery in 12 step programs — all while being the president and co-founder of Imiloa Institute, a center for the education and advancement of human beings in Costa Rica.


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Former US Intelligence Officer, Novelist, Educator and Expert on Terrorism and Somali Piracy, Claude Berube sits in for a lively 2-part chat on the US Government, intelligence, growing up in small town Maine with a fierce mom [one of the first females elected to public office] and a dedicated dad [who fought in General Patton's Army in WWII].

We go deep inside his experience on missions, philosophies on war and war games, and how his upbringing shaped an identity of a life of service. His fascination with Andrew Jackson's Navy led him to pursue his doctorates degree on Militarism, which he receives this summer. 

Fascinating and such a poignant conversation at a crucial crossroads for the United States and for us as a human race.

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Beyonce & Alistair: Alistair Williams, executive director of Broadway Bodies in NYC, made national headlines for being the first dance studio in the country to break down Beyonce's "Formation" for his classes which are sold out. 

But his story goes much deeper than the Bey-hive or Broadway Bodies.

A former administrator at Rutgers University, a once closeted Alistair grew up with a single mom who, for most of his childhood, was either in seminary or preaching Sunday service around Newark, New Jersey.

He came out of the closet (twice) and not only lives to tell about it, but shares insights and stories and anecdotes that are as hilarious as they are relevant to gay or straight people who are interested in growth, spirituality, personal development and being bold. 

Inspiring story. 

Join the Squad:

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Duncan Trussell! Part 2! From archery, treating addiction with acid ("I dare you to get addicted to acid Jake, I dare you") to Religion, Buddhism and so much more, we cover it all in this compelling, raw and revealing hour with Duncan. 

He really is part comedian, part thought leader and part questioner. I appreciate him so much and you will too. Pass this episode around. 

See him live in April:

Meet him live in May in Maui with me!

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Duncan Trussell and Joe Rogan saved my life when I was going through the darkest hours. Why? Because they podcasted together on The Joe Rogan Experience and I listened to it every day. Clung to it like a newborn clings to mother's milk.

Duncan is a legendary standup comedian (The "You Are God Tour" kicks off in April 2016) and his understanding and wisdom of life (Buddhism, Christianity) is far beyond where even practicing believers are. He's gone through testicular cancer, and talks about coming up in the comedy world (as Mitzi Shore's driver of all things). Mitzi is the godmother of comedy in Los Angeles, owner of the Comedy Store.

If you like comedy, philosophy and great stories, you'll love Parts 1 and 2 (second part out on Monday) of my interview with Duncan.

Episode is brought to you by Newsy -- the easy way to get the news you want.

Get tickets for Duncan's tour at or hang out with him at the Ram Dass retreat in May --

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I started this show -- quite literally -- in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot in Lewiston, Maine. Down and out, broke, and living with grandma, life now is a bit different. I'm grateful for both experiences, but the show and my life is not in the same place that it was when it first started.

If there's anything I've learned in life, there is no same -- only change. 

In this episode of the show, I share about that change, the unexpected things along the way and what's next for the show and for me. Hint: It's not what you expect and you may end up in the Pacific before long.  

The Jake Sasseville Show is produced by Profoundly Human (c) 2016 Post production religiously by the Mottram Media Group, Perth, Aus. 

@JakeSasseville ---> on Snapchat and across social

Big hug. 

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Mr. Jeff Dess, James Mccrae and I used to go to brunch every single Sunday in NYC with our friend Caitlin at Miss Lilly's in Soho on Houston Street. We'd talk for hours and get lit on laughter and profound conversations. 

Today's episode is us catching up -- we talk about Formation and Beyonce, James' Kundalini Teacher Training in NYC, life on Maui and becoming apart of the Maui Mafia, Kanye's new album, Jeff's fledgling speaking career and success of Trill or Not Trill (his new book comes out in April) and more. 

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Raghu Markus first met Ram Dass back in 1969 in Montreal. He's now had a 46+ year relationship with Ram Dass, and is the executive director of his nonprofit foundation, "Love Serve Remember." 

In his own right, Raghu is an incredible spiritual leader and thinker with his podcast "Mind Rolling." 

These last decades have been filled with music and transformational media, having launched Triloka Records and Karuna Music, which included such artists as Krishna Das, Hugh Masekela, Walela, and Jai Uttal. Media projects have featured Ram Dass, Deepak Chopra, and Les Nubians. 

Enjoy him!

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Today on the show, my dad. 

After 160+ episodes, sometimes the greatest stories are the ones in your backyard. 

At 39, my dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. I was 13, and my brother Alex was 10. It was an early on-set diagnosis for sure. (Michael J. Fox and Muhammad Ali also have Parkinson's Disease). He's had it for nearly 20 years and it's progressing. 

When my dad was 41, Alex was diagnosed with AML Leukemia, requiring frequent trips one and three hours away from home respectively. It took a toll on everyone.

At 43, Alex died with my mom and dad by his side. 

At 57, he finally tells some of his story. 

I traveled to Maine recently to interview my dad in his life living room. Thought it was time to get the story on tape. 

As my dad tells the story -- his story -- there is a sense of gratitude I hear from him for Parkinson's, for my brother, and for the strange unfolding of life. It's a lesson of living life on life's terms. 

Enjoy the show. Thanks Dad. 

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Renee Warren is not only the founder and CEO of, a PR firm focused on getting funded early stage tech startups the buzz they deserve, not only half of a successful marriage and co-parent with Silicon Valley investor + entrepreneur Dan Martell [she has tips for co-parenting like running a business that will blow your mind!], but she’s also a hard-working, kind human being who’s as smart as she seems to be gee-whiz funny.


She started her first business [a restaurant!] at age 17, lived in San Francisco and recently went through a difficult breakup with her business partner at Onboardly. How she got through it and how she designed her company and life is something we can all learn from. She talks openly about it and there are probably a few dozen lessons in her story for us all.


Thanks Renee.


The Jake Sasseville Show is produced by Profoundly Human LLC. (c) 2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Post produced by the Mottram Media Group, Perth, Aus.



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