At more than 300 episodes and 5+MM downloads, Jake Sasseville’s long-running talk show at the intersection of culture and consciousness. From presidents of fortune 500 companies to owners of NBA teams, Jake weaves a world of conversation that brings us from our minds into our hearts. Widely considered as one of the most influential interviewers of his generation (and the youngest TV host in late night TV history on ABC), Jake’s style is inquisitive, humorous and heartfelt. He’s open about weight issues, watching his brother die when he was 17, failing in dozens of business ventures during his 20s, his recovery in 12 step programs — all while being the president and co-founder of Imiloa Institute, a center for the education and advancement of human beings in Costa Rica.


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Reza Salazar and I have been best friends since we were nearly teenagers in NYC. Until we weren't. 

This is an audio-essay capturing an email I wrote to Reza that he asked me to write after a particularly interesting chance encounter we had in an Upper West Side bookstore three days before Christmas, 2013. 

We met to make good on a loan he had taken out with me. But of course, as all friendships rich with history, layered with secrets and connected by love do, it ended up being about something else.

It was the first time Reza and I had really had a conversation in two years. He was upset that as his best friend, I couldn't tell him I was gay, until I told the world. 

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The Artist + The Mobster: The two black sheep of a Long Island Family both color outside the lines.

There is a saying -- "you're only as sick as your secrets." For USC professor of theater, award winning poet and filmmaker Eric Trules, his family secrets ran deep. 

After spending most of his childhood admiring his Uncle Harvey, it was revealed that Harvey was in the mob. A murderer and jewelery thief, Eric Trules became fascinated by Uncle Harvey's life of crime -- and started to think about how when you're a black sheep cast out from the "normaltons" of society, you often have two ways out: the life of an artist or a life of crime. 

Absolutely loved having Eric on the show. Enjoy it... 

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Jason Zook can sell anything -- and now he wants to sell his future, to you, starting today. 

After working with 2000 brands including professional sports organizations, ad agencies and startups, Jason has sold his last name (three times) to the highest bidder, he crowd-sourced -  through sponsorship - his self-published book to the tune of $75,000 before he wrote a single word and he has created nearly a dozen info-products and generated millions of dollars from all of this activity. 

Now he wants you to have his future -- he's selling anything his mind creates from now till the grave -- for $1,000. 

An alternative serial entrepreneur, Jason's philosophy is intriguing and can lend itself to the things you're creating, or wanting to create, in your life right now.

Thank you Jason. Buy My Future launched yesterday.

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At 104, Connie Sawyer is the oldest AND longest working actress in Hollywood. She's also one of the first stand up comedians ever. With almost 200 credits to her name and a 80 year career, she started entertaining audiences in NY and LA during The Great Depression.

As you can imagine, talking to Connie is pure joy, and a trip down 100 years of memory lane.

Before stand up and Kevin Hart existed, Connie was one of the first stand up comedians ever -- and only one of three female comedians -- to work New York nightclubs in the 30s. 

In the 50s, she decided she wanted a family, so she moved to Hollywood and became a character actress, which she has done for nearly 60 years, in such films at Dumb and Dumber, Pineapple Express, Something's Gotta Give, When Harry Met Sally,and such TV shows as Ray Donovan, ER, Friends. 

She's a gem. You'll love what she says next...

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Annie Lalla: "Never ever waste an orgasm." 

Annie Lalla has spent her life studying the labyrinthine world of emotions -mapping the complexities of communication & subtleties of relationships.

A philosopher, speaker and a thought leader, Annie is known as the “Cartographer of Love.” She's a wealth of information on the science and art of relationships and I think you'll love the interview.

This episode is brought to you by Use my codeword "sass" for a couple hundred bucks once you start playing. Enjoy. 

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Tara DeFrancisco has done over 3000 improv shows and has been based in the improv capital of Chicago for 10+ years. Currently, she's on tour in Europe. Recently, Curves Magazine named her top 25 funniest women in the country.

Tara shares philosophy about life, comedy, agreements, educations and how at the root of comedy and improvisation is human beings being OK with who they are and whatever's happening around them.

Great episode, thank you Tara. Catch her live in Chicago almost every night of the week. 


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Our 9-11 episode. When Jacob Kimchy was 24, his dad was blown up by a suicide bomber in Israel. 

Jacob said he had a choice in that moment -- to harden and fight terror with avengence, or learn to love and share understanding with others. He chose the latter.

His story is palpable and in honor of the September 11th anniversary -- and offering an alternative to how we harden when something bad happens to us, and instead open up. He's the author of: "A NEW SUNRISE: A TRUE STORY ABOUT SURVIVING THE UNIMAGINABLE."

The Jake Sasseville Show is produced by Profoundly Human LLC. (c) 2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Post production: Chris Mottram in Perth, Australia.


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Allen Iverson was Pat Croce's first draft pick in 1996 after Pat first bought the Philly &6ers. Pat gave himself, management and the team five years to get to a Championship. He did just that. 

One of the only self-made guys to go from the locker room (as a trainer) to the boardroom in NBA history, Pat is filled with insight, stories, intriguing obsessions with Pirates and Houdini. A true mensch. 

This episode sponsored by Fan Duel. Go to and use keyword "sass" for the start of this NFL season. 

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Beyonce's publicist Yvette Noel-Schure sure has made a name for herself starting out in the small Caribbean island of Grenada, moving to NYC and attending City College, becoming a journalist and eventually a staff publicist at Sony in 1993.

Since then, Yvette has molded the careers of Mariah, Prince, Beyonce, John Legend, Wyclef, Adele and others.

It's her heart -- worn on her sleeve -- her values, way of being in the world and way of treating others that is most influential, though. 

Enjoy the interview. 

The Jake Sasseville Show is produced by Profoundly Human LLC. (c) 2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Post Production: Chris Mottram, Perth Australia.

@JakeSasseville on FB | IG | TW

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