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James Murray ("Murr") is the star and creator of "Impractical Jokers" on TruTV, one of cable's highest rated shows. This week is the "live punishment" on Jokers, so we thought we'd have a listen to James. 

I loved my interview with him - he and his high school buddies (who co-star on Jokers) were a 13-year-overnight-success as the improvisational troupe: "The Tenderloins." 

Murr was my head writer on "The Edge with Jake Sasseville" a late night talk show on ABC after Jimmy Kimmel. It's been a joy to see James pack theaters with the guys and to do so well on Jokers. He talks about the business of show, creativity, hustle, hard work and letting go.

@JamesSMurray | Twitter

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@JakeSasseville | TW / FB / IG


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Rosie Von Lila is the Head of Relationships at the Burning Man Organization. She first went to Burning Man in 1999, and has been coming back -- and now working with the organization -- ever since. 

Rosie added “Von” to her name at the suggestion of her friend Tom. Tom and Rosie were riding bikes gleefully through the streets of Amsterdam. They were on their way to a surprise birthday party in Croatia. This seems to be how Rosie's life works out -- easily and effortlessly.

She talks online dating, 42 point data plans based on Amy Web's TED TALK, "Dating... a Love Story" and Rosie reveals what she feels like she's hiding in life.

The Jake Sasseville Show is produced by Profoundly Human LLC. (c) 2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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Noel Biderman is the Founder and CEO of He's also my friend. 

There has been a tremendous amount of controversy surrounding Noel since the leaking of more than 37 million pieces of information related to users of the site for discreet affairs. 

Noel has always been kind to me, and when I've hung out in Toronto at the headquarters of AshleyMadison, what's remarkable is how much of a family business it appears to be.

Enjoy the encore interview with Noel.

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Perez Hilton like you've never heard him before. Sensitive, reflective and dynamic, the former "Queen of Mean" and I finally set up a time to chat, after years of being mistaken physically for one another (although one of us is now a skinny bitch). 

Perez talks about his dad dying, the struggle of being known for how he was as a younger version of himself and not being able to shake off the perception despite his own spiritual evolution, doing Big Brother UK, going to therapy, Oprah and much more. and affiliated sites do 3+ million visitors a day and his media empire has been bubbling up for almost a decade. Fascinating to have one of the first internet gossip pioneers on our show, and even more interesting that he's much more likable and sincere than I expected.

Thanks Perez, Jake

@PerezHilton --> everywhere

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Love Addicts & Soul Mates: Amber Smith is a supermodel and actress. She's graced the covers of 300+ magazines and starred in films and TV shows over her famed 25 year career.

At 19, she developed a pill addiction which bled its way into alcohol and other drugs. As she got help for that from Dr. Drew Pinksy, she discovered the root of her addictions was Love Addiction. She got herself into Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (a 12 step program) and has been in recovery for 4 years.

Kristen Rae was the founder of one of the largest healing institutes in the United Kingdom (Theta Healing UK). She's since moved to Australia, where she runs Theta Healings Australia, and she's the author of "50 Beliefs About Soul Mates and Relationships That Will Transform Your Love Life." She's teaching courses this Fall in Sydney on Soul Mates and Relationships. 

So much of us have an addiction to love and sex and we don't even know about it. This episode certainly uncovers some of what may be inside us all.

Enjoy. - Jake

Twitter | @AmberLeeSmith

URL for Kristen Rae |

The Jake Sasseville Show is produced by Profoundly Human LLC (c) 2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Episode produced by CC Hutten

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Canadian Music publicist Tara Muldoon shares her story of rape from the inside of forgiveness. She's the founder of F-U: The Forgiveness Project, and together with Bishop Desmond Tutu, she's established the International Day of Forgiveness, December 10th. 

When Tara was 18, she moved from Nova Scotia to University in Toronto. She was a contestant on the Canadian version of "American Idol" and one of the other contestants raped her. 

She talks about the experience, in detail, and also what many in the world who are victims aren't talking about: the importance of forgiveness. 

Enjoy the episode. - Jake

Tara Muldoon
Twitter: @TaraMuldoon

The Jake Sasseville Show is produced by Profoundly Human LLC. (c) 2015 All Rights Reserved. Episode produced by CC Hutten.

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We are a generation obsessed with building Community. From Summit Series, Airbnb, Coachella to Uber, micro-communities are everywhere -- even in our philanthropic work in the US and overseas.

Jacy Cunningham is the Head of Fitness and Movement at Summit Series' $40 million summit: Powder Mountain in Eden, Utah. 

Brett Emmons, a former gambling addict and professional Broadway dancer, is head of internships at an inner-city non-profit that helps refugees and asalym-seekers get used to life in America. He is also a member of the Baha'i Faith and serves his Faith at a regional level.

Both of them have unique perspectives on community and capacity building and both of their perspectives came out of a lot of pain and suffering.

This episode is to help us understand why we crave so much to be apart of communities and what we can be doing to build better and stronger ones where everyone can thrive. 

The Jake Sasseville Show is produced by Profoundly Human LLC. (c) 2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Episode produced by CC Hutten.

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We hit episode 100! To celebrate, we have an episode on why we care about Our Roots. 

Six-time Grammy nominated jazz singer Tierney Sutton, Graham Oxman, a Boston Geologist, and Karen Rocco, a talent executive and one of the first employees at Sirius XM radio, give us perspectives on our roots -- why we care about them and why they're important.

Tierney talks about the roots of all music found in jazz, and the importance of discipline meeting spontaneity in creative pursuit. 

Graham talks about how humans think their roots are in their familial ancestory, but the story of rocks and geology tell a far different story.

Karen Rocco talks about the roots of funk, Howard Stern and in Sirius XM radio.

Happy 100. Thanks for listening everybody.

The Jake Sasseville Show is produced by Profoundly Human LLC. (c) 2015 All Rights Reserved. This episode produced by CC Hutten

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Dajiow, the popstar formally known as David Jordan, came up in the music industry at the same era as Amy Winehouse (they were friends, and signed by the same management company). 

That also included a ton of drugs, a string of hit songs (Sun Goes Down) and access to pretty much anything Dajiow wanted. As he says "they kept me just high enough."

After the label dropped him, he spiralled. In the downward turn, he found clarity and a sense of spirituality he hadn't had before.

He picked himself up, and for the last four years, he's starred in the West End of London in a show called "Thriller." A thrilling journey that he shares quite candidly with me.

From being puppetered to not being able to deliver on the hits, Dajiow is one of the only artists I've heard speak so honestly about the inside of the music business.


The Jake Sasseville Show is produced by Profoundly Human LLC. (c) 2015 All Rights Reserved. Episode produced by CC Hutten

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