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Vince Nance was the only non-Korean ever to represent Korea at the International Jiu-Jitsu Competition in Abu Dhabi. He started training in his early teens so that he could defend himself at home. 

Matt Pipkin is the founder of SPEAK YOUR SILENCE. He's kept his secret for 20 years without telling a soul.  His non-profit now helps kids who have suffered abuse get the counseling they need, but often cannot afford.

Two straight men tell their stories of childhood -- their trauma and how they used emotionally chaotic environments to become the best in the world at what they do. 

Enjoy the episode! - Jake 

Vince Nance

Matt Pipkin

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Joe Hawkins' mom, Carol Hawkins, was convicted of stealing nearly $4 million from U2 Bassist Adam Clayton. She worked for and lived with Adam Clayton for more than 15 years. While Carol been spending time in prison in Ireland, no one from her family has spoken publicly... until today.

Joe, 24 at the time, candidly opens up about his mom and his experience -- from growing up alongside one of the biggest rock bands in the world, living in the same home-estate where the famed U2 album "The Joshua Tree" was recorded -- to couch surfing after his mom was arrested and convicted of 181 counts of theft, and having to learn even how to open his own bank account.

Intensely private, Joe shared about his privileged childhood, his spiritual nature, two-near-death experiences overdosing on drugs, why he's still playing music and what he really thinks about his mom. While Joe's story is incredibly unique, we all can learn from what to do when a world is turned upside down.

This is an incredible episode that took a lot of strength on Joe's part, and I hope you enjoy.


FMI on Joe Hawkins:

The Jake Sasseville Show is produced by Profoundly Human LLC (c) 2015 All Rights Reserved. This episode produced by CC Hutten.

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Vianna Stibal is the founder of the ThetaHealing® technique. She's rarely done up close and revealing interviews -- that is, until today. 


Vianna is on the leading edge of spirituality and unlocking our understanding of the power of our minds -- and while the ThetaHealing technique doesn't come without its set of controversies, it's spread like wildfire in the past 18 years: there are over 300,000 practitioners worldwide. 


Vianna talks about our ability to heal ourselves, how we all have beliefs and emotions that affect our dis-ease and illnesses, and through her techniques, she's seen physical and emotional transformations in her clients.


She and her team have recently re-located THInK® (ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge®)  from Idaho to Montana. She took her lunch break to chat with me. 


Worth the listen for anyone who is or knows someone who is experiencing illness in their life.


Enjoy the show, thanks so much for checking it out. -Jake


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I never intended for this audio to be released publicly. 

Leah Komaiko did a private session with me. She's part muse, part brand strategist, part sage. I've been coached by the best in the world -- and no one comes close to the profound breakthrough that I made with Leah. It's today's show. 

Leah calls Hollywood royalty, the biggest brands in the world, Olympic champions and hip-hop artists her clients. Her breadth of experience and ability to "see inside and under the hood" to reveal what makes you, your brand and business one in a million is a unique talent -- I just didn't expect it to be so personal or uncomfortable. 

Enjoy the show! -Jake

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Zoe Nightingale's 'sexy' and 'sassy' brings grown men to their knees. It gives life to women who want to release their own childhood shame. Her comedy is recklessly acute, her intelligence is nearly lethal - and in recent weeks her podcast (which she's been at for two years) is blowing up. 

Behind the brash tough girl Jew and mouthy DC-native, though, there is a humanitarian at heart that you ought to care about -- because she's emerging as a voice in our generation. She cares deeply about people and cares deeply that you care about them, too. 

This show is all about Zoe -- the good, challenging and ugly. She is an almost perfect mirror to how you feel about yourself, so get ready. 


The Jake Sasseville Show is produced by Profoundly Human Media. (c) 2015 All Rights Reserved.

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Although few black gay men from the South ever talk about their sexuality or coming up in the deep south, the ones that do stand out.

Lawayne Childrey shouldn't be alive today.

When he was 4, he watched his cousin burn alive in a fire. When he was 5 all the way to second grade, Lawayne was molested. Diagnosed with HIV and then "full blown AIDS," he watched his lover die in the early 90s as well as heterosexual friends all around him. He then developed drug addictions and got into abusive relationships.

He was gone beyond repair.

And yet, he turned it around. This is how he did. He always believed in God and that his life had purpose.  He's an Edward R. Murrow Award Winning Journalist who lives in Nashville. His book is: "Peeling Back the Layers: A Story of Trauma, Grace and Triumph." 

Enjoy the episode!

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Shep Gordon is a legend... and he's been very kind to me. 

He's the focus of the 2014 Mike Meyes doc: "SUPERMENSCH: The Legend of Shep Gordon." Shep has managed Luther Vandross, Alice Cooper, Raquel Welch, Teddy Pendergrass, Emeril and others. Hollywood royality, British royalty and the Dalai Lama consider him a friend. He lives in Maui and he has a life that is as fascinating as it is instructive. 

I loved SUPERMENSCH, made a few calls, and Shep agreed to come on the show. Live from the beach. We talk about family, love, adoption, spirituality, cause, effect and so much more. 

Thanks so much for listening. 


The Jake Sasseville Show is produced by Profoundly Human LLC. This episode was produced by Emma Bracy. (c) 2015 Profoundly Human LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. for more information.  

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