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Today on The Clique, Kodi, Topher, Jake, James and Vivienne digg into sexuality, masculinity and why Asian men aren't seen as inherently sexual or attractive (more of the "best friend next door type").  

The guys also dig into why it's awkward for beautiful people (Liam Hemsworth) to kiss other beautiful people (Jennifer Lawrence) #Lies. Kodi talks about why he feels attractive now, Vivienne talks about ethnic awkwardness in dating and the clique weigh in.

To top it off, cuddle parties and the emerging business models that are coming from them and Jadan and Willow Smith and their spiritually progressive views about life and time. 

The Jake Sasseville Show is produced today by Jake Sasseville, Topher Keene, Vivienne Kelly, Gregory Stutzer, Kodi Seaton, James McCrae. (c) 2014 JAKE INC All Rights Reserved

BTSZD: Intimacy (Into-Me-See), Psychosis, Mental Illness and the Pathway to Spiritual Breakthrough

In this powerful two-part essay (part 2 is next week), we take a deep dive into the areas of Intimacy, creative relationships, what we can learn from psychosis, the $20 billion anti-psychotic / anti-depressent / anti-ADHD industry and how mental illness could be a path onto higher spiritual awareness. 

Accused of being bi-polar for many years by many different business partners and friends and finding that spiritual acceptance and love helped diminish his particular symptoms, this is an issue close to Jake's heart. We believe it's not being brought into the light as much as it ought to be, nor is it being celebrated.

Let us know if this episode speaks to you by using the hashtag #TheJakeShow

This episode of The Jake Sasseville Show was produced and written by Jake Sasseville and Topher Keene out of Massachusettes. Associate Producer Kodi Seaton in Washington, DC. Special thanks to Anthony David Adams who's incredible work on intimacy inspires. (c) 2014 All Rights Reserved

Ferguson, Missouri vs. Apartheid, South Africa: Best-selling author + survivor of apartheid Mark Mathabane exclusively joins Jake, professor and author of "Deconstructing Ratchet" Mr. Jeff Dess and producer Topher Keene for this heartfelt and in-depth conversation around the parallels of the oppressive regime of Apartheid and the non-indictment decision of the Grand Jury in Ferguson. 

In this episode which is a powerful expression of our collective humanity, Mark speaks candidly about the parallels, brute and unaccountable force by police in charge, what he learned from Nelson Mandela (who he lived one block away from Mark in the ghettos of Alexandra, South Africa) about solving the racial divide and why it's imperative as a collective humanity that we have this discussion now, instead of accepting what media feeds us. We must open our hearts firstly, and have compassion for those who have wronged us, secondly. 

Mr. Jeff Dess and Topher Keene weigh in on student reactions, the "What can we actually do" helpless feeling and shifting how we see those who trespass us. 

Share with a friend who needs it most.


The Jake Sasseville Show was produced by Jake Sasseville, Topher Keene and Mr. Jeff Dess. Special thanks to Mark Mathabane. 

Stormy Simon is the 46-year-old President of, one of the only female presidents of any Fortune 500 company in the United States.

In this revealing and often humorous conversation with Jake, not only does Stormy discuss what she's never discussed before: rumors she was an exotic dancer and a murder trial that changed her life, but she is a shining example of a powerful woman in business and she shares the non-traditional approach she took to get to the top. 

Her "school of hard knocks" education is colored by two teenage pregnancies, dropping out of college to be a single mom, producing and DJing for the top-rated country station in Salt Lake City and doing the best she could with what she had. 

Jake and Stormy discuss how they met. Stormy was the first advertiser to buy over $100,000 in ads on Jake's first show on ABC changing the course of his life forever. They recall stories of doing a TV show together at NBC, only to sneak out of their greenroom and break into the Jerry Springer studio next door (and getting caught by NBC security). There is a long and beautiful history between the two of them.

In all, Stormy shares pearls of wisdom from the front lines of business as a woman who beat odds, doesn't take NO for an answer, is as fierce as she is loyal and who gives everyone the benefit of the doubt.

"The best teams don't always win," Stormy says. "Every player has a story, and many of my people realize I know and try to understand theirs." 

The Jake Sasseville Show is produced by Jake Sasseville, Gregory Stutzer, Vivienne Kelly and Kodi Seaton. Contributing producers Topher Keene, Michael Howard Nathanson and James McCrae. (c) 2014 JAKE INC All Rights Reserved

Jake, Kodi, James, Viv + Topher are part of the revolving panel on #TheJakeShow that discuss the philosophy of popculture for those slightly above average.
Today on The Clique, we discuss if "The Cosby Show," known for its family values and gee-whiz humor of its patriarch, ought to be taken off the air because of the recent Cosby rape allegations.
We also discuss the gray area of rape vs. consent, condemining professional sports athletes for how they discipline their children (Vikings' star Adrian Peterson has said he may serve Minnesota better if he leaves the team after his suspension).
We talk about the politics of spanking, gays who are afraid to come out (despite being on Grindr) and much more. 
This episode The Jake Sasseville Show is produced by Jake Sasseville, Topher Keene, Vivienne Kelly, James McCrae, Kodi Seaton & Gregory Stutzer (c) JAKE INC 2014 All Rights Reserved
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In this week's Bitesized on The Jake Sasseville Show, Jake shares an article Huffington Post asked him to write just as gay marriage was becoming legalized in many states around the country.

In it, he shares how being closeted for most of his childhood, teens and twenties prevented him from recognizing that while not much changes when you come out of the closet, that everything actually does.

He talks about winning lucrative ad business from extremely conservative American brands (Denny's, Ford, Coca-Cola, State Farm, despite his concern that if those companies found out he was gay that they'd pull the plug.

He also shares the techniques his coach Fred Dodson advised him on to come out of the closet. 

The Jake Sasseville Show was produced this week by Jake Sasseville and Kodi Seaton. Contributing producer Carolina Alduey. (c) 2014 All Rights Reserved

Jogyo is a Grammy-nominated musician from Kingston, Jamaica but who spent his teens and 20s in New York City. His style borders art-rock and hip hop with an artisan showmanship akin to Lady Gaga.

One year ago at the time of this interview (July 2014) Jogyo was walking home from his friends Brooklyn apartment on a bright Sunday afternoon when he was gruesomely and savagely attacked by a deranged man with a hammer. The attack, which Jogyo shares details of in a loving, almost peaceful way, left him blind.

In this poignant exchange, Jake and Jogyo discuss the art of forgiveness, and how Jogyo wanted to find it in himself to forgive his assailant even as he was being attacked so that if he did die, that he would have died at peace. A lesson of tremendous compassion for us all.

While he's been left blind, Jogyo sees much clearer than most of us. He discusses art, the creation of music, his work with children and others with autism and a way of life that is compassionate and gentle. 

The Jake Sasseville Show is produced by Jake Sasseville, Gregory Stutzer, Vivienne Kelly and Kodi Seaton. Contributing producers include Topher Keene. (c) 2014 JAKE INC All Rights Reserved

BTSZD: An Open Letter to Alcoholics, Addicts & Those Affected

In this week's BITESIZED, Jake reads an essay and blog post he wrote about his challenges and feelings about being an adult affected by family member alcoholics. 

While very personal, it is our aim and intention that by bringing radical truth to that which makes us usually want to hide, we can live fuller, more meaningful, more open lives. Feel free to let us know your experiences by using #TheJakeShow. 

The Jake Sasseville Show was produced by Jake Sasseville and Kodi Seaton (c) 2014 All Rights Reserved. 

Pat Croce, Philly 76ers President & Owner, on Allen Iverson, Management & Passion, Deep Dives for Shipwrecks, Pirates, Houdini and more

Pat Croce, according to Success Magazine, made history as the only pro sports team owner to go from the training room to the boardroom. After selling his company, Sports Physical Therapists, for $40 million, Croce helped buy the last-place NBA Philadelphia 76ers in 1996. His first draft pick: Allen Iverson. He led the 76ers to their Championship game against the LA Lakers in 2001. 

Pat openly talks with Jake about the legend that is Allen Iverson and the tricky management of the franchise between Iverson and Coach Larry Brown. He says if that Iverson liked to practice more, he'd still be in the NBA today. 

Bold and unapologetically honest, Pat opens up about why his relationship with Larry Brown was never the same, his obsession with pirates and how piracy and exploration in the 1500s set the pace for entrepreneurship in this century, why his relationship of 42 years with wife Diane still works and the cultural similarities between Iverson and Harry Houdini (Pat owns half the world's Houdini artifacts and collection). 

This is a an audio portrait of a kid that came from the streets of Philadelphia, dreamed big, learned how to negotiate early on and recognized (thanks to Zig Zigler) that enthusiasm and positivity could be the rule, not the exception. 

At the top of the show, Jake & Cait talk about how Jake met Pat and Cait’s half marathon in Philadelphia. 

The Jake Sasseville Show was produced this week by Jake Sasseville, Gregory Stuhtzer and Vivienne Kelly out of New York City. Associate producer Kodi Seaton and Caitlin Engel. Consulting producer James McCrae. (c) 2014 JAKE INC All Rights Reserved


BTSZD: An Honest Essay on Relationships, Cheating, Lying, Forgiveness and Being Whole

Relationships. They come in all forms and sizes. Here's an essay written about relationships, codependency, tricks of how to make it through, how to get radically honest and other humorous anecdotes and ideas about how to be a better partner.

Let us know things that have worked or haven't worked in your relationship by using the hashtag #TheJakeShow

This episode of The Jake Sasseville Show was produced and written by Jake Sasseville, Topher G. Keene out of Massachusettes and Michael Howard Nathanson out of Dallas, Texas. (c) 2014 All Rights Reserved

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If you or someone you know struggles with mental illness, this episode is for you. 
Wendy Brennan, executive director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI-NYC) joins Jake and producer Topher G. Keene and as our special guest along with Jenna Kyle, a musical contributor on the benefit album #IWILLLISTEN.
#IWILLLISTEN is a social media campaign with the distinct focus on telling those around us who struggle with mental illness that you are willing to listen to them. 
Mental illness, and the stigmas associated with identifying or being treated for it, is a subject close to Jake’s heart. Wendy, Jake, Topher and Jenna take a deep dive into the nuances of mental illness, they share personal stories, what prevents many from getting help, how you're not alone even if you are, how to deal with friends or family that have early onset mental illness, how mental illness is actually a path (according to Jake) to spiritual breakthrough and how together we can remove the shame. We aim to celebrate those among us who walk a different path on this show, and this episode seeks to find ways to support and love. 
NAMI-NYC has it’s annual benefit gala Thursday November 6, 2014 with actor Christopher Noth (Sex and the City, Law and Order) serving as emcee for the evening. For more information or to get help or support, visit
The Jake Sasseville Show was produced this week by Jake Sasseville, Topher G. Keene, Gregory Stuhtzer, Vivienne Kelly, Caitlin Engel and Kodi Seaton. (c) 2014 All rights reserved.