At more than 200 episodes and 5+MM downloads, Jake Sasseville’s long-running talk show is a catalyst to the heart and mind. It features inspirational interviews with masters, heart-searching conversations with presidents of fortune 500 companies and NBA teams and highlights the common thread of what makes us all profoundly human. Widely considered as one of the most influential interviewers of his generation (and the youngest TV host in late night TV history on ABC), Jake’s style is inquisitive, humorous and heartfelt. He’s open about weight issues, watching his brother die when he was 17, failing in dozens of business ventures during his 20s, his recovery in 12 step programs — and his most recent move to Maui, the launch of his Institute and his global real estate endeavors.


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THIS IS HOW IT ENDS -- fade to black [for now]. 

The first 200 episodes of The Jake Sasseville Show podcast has been a result of the hard work of wonderful collaborators, producers and creators including Chris Mottram, Dwain Doty, Michael Nathanson, CC Hutten, Emma Bracey, Rob Peterpaul, Topher Keene, Vivienne Kelly, Gregory Stutzer, Brenton Gieser, Shantel Noel, Steve Graver and 300 guests and 3 million listeners over the past two years.

Thank you. 

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Bobby Bailey and I VOX each other about Mapping the Future, the Unfolding Mystery of Self, my trip to Honolulu, Creating Content and Religion & God & Prophets and Practice. 

As you know, I've been thinking about leaving The Jake Sasseville Show podcast, but before I did, I had these series of private conversations on the walkie-talkie APP Voxer with my friend Bobby. 

It's instructive and weird and voyaristic. 

The Jake Sasseville Show:::

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In this episode of Jake & Bobby, what is the Reality Show Train Wreck, Bobby considers a letter to his unborn daughter and all the while I'm thinking of leaving The Jake Sasseville Show podcast. 

These are a series of Voxes (walkie talkie APP) between me and Bobby Bailey - because if you were thinking about making a big life change, you'd want to have this type of conversation with your best friend. 

Included in this one are ideas around social activism, running for political office, Osho and the idea of Misery and Happiness. 

We touch on addiction and Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast. I'm a sucker for authentic and I'm not sure you can get better than this. 

Bobby is at

The Jake Sasseville Show

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This episode of Jake + Bobby takes place on the streets of DC and Honolulu. We cover fear, Krishnamurti and how to deal with ourselves in the midst of banter and creative conversation. 

I'm thinking of ending this podcast, but before I made any decisions, I wanted to talk to Bobby. It's a private conversation on the walkie-talkie APP Voxer that we decided to make into a few very powerful episodes. 

Speaking of, we talk about the creative and curative process of TED, Krishnamurti and fear as a great diamond, the development of a media project -- INNERVERSE: The Journey Within -- as it's being created. 

There is magic in storytelling that is raw and unfiltered. And there's a friendship beneath all of it. This is it.

The Jake Sasseville Show:

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Have you ever had to let something go, but scared of what may (or may not) come next? 

A weirdly inner-inside episode, voyeuristic conversation with Bobby Bailey (soon to be father, social activist, Global Poverty Project & Invisible Children) who's my friend about what it might be to leave The Jake Sasseville Show podcast. 

Two friends, talking about life, business, creativity and big decisions. 

It's uncomfortably transparent, but something I believe: we all have fear about letting go what we're attached to. Even though I've done 200 episodes, I find myself feeling attached to letting it go. Even if there's something better beyond... 

We use the brilliant APP Voxer to "walkie" each other back and forth, and share the conversations which were never meant to be public. Just enjoy the unfolding story of it all...


Bobby Bailey is at

The Jake Sasseville Show |

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Why can't Sci Fi be real? In this episode of ideating for my new book INQUIRY, we look at Science Fiction and Star Wars and wonder why those ideas can't be right here, right now. 

We discuss my one experience of time travel [I was reading "Parallel Universes of the Infinite Self] without a time machine, how healing relationships is a form of time travel and how each one of us is able to do it. 

What if you didn't need a time machine, just a change in perspective? 

Peel it back, and dive in, Inner-engineers. Enjoy. 

The Jake Sasseville Show is produced by Profoundly Human LLC. (c) 2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Special thanks to Bobby Bailey for inspiring this episode.


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